Automate your ERP system with limitless possibility

Road Runner – A one-stop application that covers your ERP process from pre-sales to post-sales.

Superapp for ERP

Consolidates multiple ERP services into a single application, a unified platform to manage your business operations efficiently. Simplifies data management, improve collaboration among teams, and enhance overall productivity

Customise to your business needs

Provide flexibility to customise your application themes that reflect your brand identity. Each ERP services provided are highly configurable to accommodate your business process.

Robust APIs integration

Supports a diverse range of APIs, including messaging platforms, social media, payment gateways, email extractors, credit agencies, telephony services, SMS/email providers, banks, and many more.

Who we are

React has over 20 years of experience in ERP system design, training, and implementation, including data migration for more than 800 companies. With the shift to the digital transformation and digital workplace era, we are now offering our expertise in the form of services and solutions for digitalisation. Our solutions can be hosted via SAAS or on-premises, tailored to meet your specific needs and guaranteed for success.

What is our core


Concrete plant


Are your company holding back from digital transformation

Challenges company faced

  • Evolving customer expectations
  • Competitive pressure in the market
  • Inefficiencies in operations
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Business expansion
  • Emerging technologies causing disruption

Concerns company faced

  • Security against company’s data and systems to potential security breaches
  • Cost of investment in new technologies, training, and infrastructure
  • Change management to business processes, employee roles, etc
  • Data management of large amounts of data to store and analyse
  • Customer adoption of new ways of interacting with the company
  • Data continuity if involve replacing with new cloud System and data migration

We have the expertises and solutions for you

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system and services is the backbone of a company. It holds a critical role in a company’s digitalisation plan. 

In React Technology, we have the resources who are well versed in ERP industry and familiar with the process of pivoting companies toward their digitalisation journey.

  •  Guarantee 100% data migration with more than 100 successful projects
  • Currently hosting 50+ companies and 5 are listed companies under market SLA terms with periodic backup and disaster recovery ready in 8 hours
  • Scalable hosting and analytic tools to meet data mining requirement
  • SAAS opex, and scalable deployment by modules
  • Experience consultants (10+ years with React Technology) to guide change management
  • React mobile App in stores and integration with established platforms, eg. WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Our clients